Recent Show at Sullivan Hall -incl.vid!

Here's some videos from our show.
Someone yelled "Free Bird!" but sorry that we couldn't play your request:P
This song is "Hacksaw Cannibalism".

"Destination Ubiquity"

Our next show will be in September.
During August, we are going to do some recording.


Recent Show at Pianos

We had fun at our show at Pianos on Sunday!
Thank you for coming!

We played with 2 bands who are on tour.

Enlou  from Cincinnati, OH

We Barbarians from Long Island, CA

The  next Old Monk  show is on Wednesday, the 11th at Sullivan Hall.
See you there!


Upcoming Shows

Hello world,

We're going to play on Sunday, the 8th at Pianos,
and on Wednesday, the 11th at Sullivan Hall.
Come to see us!
Details are in the Old Monk News Letter 8/4/2010
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Here's a photo from our rehearsal on Friday: